SensorLine in cronological order

A growing company - a safe supplier

n SensorLine we are dedicated to assisting shops, manufacturers and fittings suppliers to create innovative solutions that ensure our clients' products and optimize their investment. We create some of the markets most innovative solutions and adapts them according to customer requirements to optimize functionality and shopping experience. We always strive to have a good knowledge and effective solutions that work well together and give good returns, we call it "Smart Store Solution".

SensorLine established

August 1987

SensorLine established in Danmark with sales of display solutions.

September, 1992

First installation

SensorLine have their first installation at Merlin, Holstebro.


Anti theft

SensorLine starts distributing anti theft equipment.



SensorLine starts developing their own alarmed display solutions.


Alarm in the charging cable

As part of efforts to increase security even more on our systems, we introduces alarmed charging cables. This allows both the product can be charged and simultaneously alarmed by one single cable - instead the need for additional mini-sensor or similar.


Norwegian Office

The office in Norway was established - simultaneously started developing and selling lock solutions for cabinets and drawers.



SensorLine ocuses on web-based solutions for merchandising for both customer count and anti theft solutions.


People counting

tarts with the development of its own web portal for customer counting and anti-theft systems that allow our customers service 24/7..



SensorLine starts with solutions for electronic price signs for retailers.


With more than 25 years in the industry SensorLine has become an established and renowned system supplier to the retail trade throughout the region, where we strive to deliver over our customers' expectations through well known technology adapted to the Nordic market through many years.

We started as a Danish company in 1984, in 2004 expanded our presence in the Scandinavian market when we opened the office in Gothenburg, Sweden. In 2009, we grew further and opened our Norwegian office in Oslo.


The most important thing for us is to understand our customers' needs. Therefore, a close dialogue is important for us to offer optimal solutions for a good and quick refund of our clients' investments. We have a wide range of solutions and products to choose from and it is important that one chooses the optimal solution from the start.

V we strive at all times to come up with new ideas and the most effective products to increase sales and reduce wastage. We therefore highly appreciate having a close dialogue about our customers' challenges. Contact us and put us to the test with your challenges or ideas, that's what we are here for. We have the solutions to make your stores more attractive to customers and less attractive to thieves, in other words, maximizing your business around with better stats, live display, web portal.

Challenge us - set us to the test, you will not regret it.