Electronic Shelf Label

Streamline the working hours of employees

Reduce manual labor

It is well known that good staff, focusing on the customer, will result in increased sales. Time the employees would typically spent on manual pricing will be released, and can be used to focus on customers and sales.

With Electronic Shelf Labels from SensorLine is the store well equiped to give the customer an even better experience, while reducing the risk of mispricing.

Time saving

Price updates happens automatically - which in turn frees up the employees time to focus on the customer and sales.


The signs have up to 4 years of battery life - no need for frequent replacements or charging. The store can even replace the batteries themselves.


The system can be integrated with most ERP systems - small as well as large. We assist with our expertise during the entire process.

Cloud Solution

We can provide the solution hosted on our infrastructure in the cloud - so our customers resources experience a minimum load.


We can easily make adjustments to the system, or major changes in close collaboration with the manufacturer. All to fulfill our customers needs.


We are happy to assist in the process of clarifying how our customers get their return on investment.

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