Drawer and cabinet locks

Electronic locks for all purposes

Electronic locks for drawers and cabinets

SensorLine supplies a broad range of electronic locking solutions for both drawers and cabinets. We adapt our solutions easily to the customers furnishings and the security they need.

Lock solution can be operated with RFID card / access card or code:

  • No need to keep lots of different keys.
  • Automatic locking of cabinets and drawers after use..
  • Alarm when a cabinet is left open or someone is trying to break it up.

Sensor Line adapts and develops intelligent locking solutions for wardrobes, mailboxes and the likes - operated with pincodes or access cards. We can integrate the solution with our web portal, allowing codes and cards to be managed via a web browser if desired.

We also own "gym" function on the locks especially adapted to public wardrobes.

Please contact us for an informal offer on a solution to your needs.

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RFID card

Control locks with contactless cards and don't let lost keys pose a security risks.


We adapt the locks to meet customer requirements for cost, availability, ease of use and level of security.


With locking solutions from SensorLine, our customers can feel confident that nothing will disappear from drawers or cabinets unnoticed.

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