People Counting

Measure you potential

It's about utilizing potential

To perform optimally, one must be familiar with both possibilities and limitations.

With people counting from SensorLine the exact number of visitors each hour. These numbers can be used to optimize staffing, see the effect of conducted marketing campaigns and do the calculation to see how many of the visitors who actually become paying customers - with average sales per visit.

This creates a baseline for providing the employees with realistic improvement goals.

See the range of customer counters in the online store



See the difference in ingoing and outgoing customers, on an hourly basis.


Historical graphs can give a good picture of trends associated with visitors.


To staff the shop according to the visit trend could result in more sales.

Key Figures

Without keeping track of visitor numbers, it is difficult to know whether or not the store is utalizing its potential.


From its headquarters can see updated figures daily in our online portal - stay tuned and see the effect of applied measures.

Historical overview

Customer Counting allows you to keep an eye on the historical data - you can see how many people have visited the store in a given period.

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