Organize and structures queues and barriers


Tensabarrier products are perfect for organizing the queue structure flow and cordon off areas temporarily or permanently.

The products are installed either permanently or temporarily moved into the desired position when needed.

It's easy to make changes or minor adjustments in the layout without help from us or a third party - products come as wall mounted units, freestanding columns with retractable tape and metal stringers to cordon off or organize queue.

We can also provide barriers with individually/specially-designed printed logo and/or text on most Tensabarrier products. Please contact us for an offer on this.

Organize queues

Make sure your guests, customers and employees go where they are supposed to.

cordon off areas

Keep people away from areas and objects.

More satisfaction among visitors

Get more satisfied visitors and customers - structured and fair queues increases earnings

Custom solutions

If you have questions on how to better organize your queues - our staff will help you find the right products.